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We have developed a web based tutoring system that utilizes the iPad to instruct students from all over the globe. This is how it works:

At an agreed upon date and time you log into your account using you iPad. Any students who have signed up to be tutored by you also log in to their accounts.You may tutor up to 5 students at one time. You greet them and start writing on your iPad. They can hear you and you can hear them. They can see what you are writing and when instructed to do so you can see what they write. All in real time. When the lesson is over you click the "log off" button and you're done! The students are logged off as well, but they have an advantage that traditional tutoring does not provide, the entire lesson was recorded and can be played back by the student if they wish.

That is the gist of the program, but here are the pertinent points:

  • Students pay at the time of enrollment via credit card. So they are paid up before you start teaching. The amount you charge is totally under your control and limited by standard market forces.
  • We pay the credit card fees.
  • There is no video associated with this program, so no one cares what you look like. We eliminated video to conserve data since most people pay for the amount of data they use.
  • You can tutor from wherever your iPad works.
  • You set the dates and time that you are available to teach.
  • No one has to travel.
  • You can bring students you currently tutor into this program. Keep in mind they will be gaining things like airline miles from the ability to charge sessions as well as the ability to play back sessions.
  • You can opt for preapproval of your students if you only want to tutor specific students.

Now for the downside.

We offer our customers a money back guarantee so by extension, you do too. If we have to return money to the customer we will return your fee as well. But if we do that, we record the transaction and do not let that student take classes with you again unless specifically requested by you.

Signing up for this does NOT mean that students are going to hire you BY MAGIC. No, there are only two ways to get students that we are aware of, either you bring your own students to this, OR you volunteer at our charitable partner, Homework Help Volunteering there gets your name out. Each time you help a student they are informed that you are available for more extensive paid tutoring. Obviously, not everyone will hire you, but some will. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BRING YOUR OWN STUDENTS OR VOLUNTEER, DON'T BOTHER APPLYING. While we DO NOT REQUIRE volunteering, we can see no other way for you to recruit students. Your account will simply sit there. However, you MAY set up an account if you wish and take your chances.

That's it.

You have heard that web based learning is going to change the business of education, why not see for yourself? Just click the link below and set up an account.

Thanks for your time.